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"I'm still blown away by how accurate you were. Thank you so very much."  Fiona R

"Fantastic, I loved every minute and it was exactly what I needed right now!"  
Tanya S 

Professional member of International Psychics Association


"Very insightful. Great guidance. Thanks." Tabitha

"Fantastic reading. Got lots of great clues and confirmation of spirit coming through. Highly recommend having a reading with Robyn."  Neil 

"Very accurate and a lovely person."  Louise W

As a medium, I can connect you to loved ones who have left their physical bodies and returned to the spirit world. A reading with me feels like a family reunion; a conversation between you and your loved ones. I pass on what I see, hear, and feel; messages and memories you can validate. I can guarantee a connection to the loved ones you'd like to hear from in the spirit world. 

If you want to learn more about your life, I can pass on guidance from loved ones and spirit guides. Spirit will give you guidance about current events, your future, past lives, and lessons your soul needs to learn. My spirit guides have taught me how to use tarot cards, palmistry and numerology to enhance my readings. I'm a professional member of International Psychics Association, who recommend me as a reputable psychic.

I'm available for face-to-face, phone, email and Skype readings. I charge $50 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes. 

I do face-to-face readings at my home in Warnertown, between Crystal Brook and Port Pirie, in the mid-north of South Australia - less than 2 hours from Adelaide. For $170 , you can come to Warnertown for an hour reading with me, stay the night, enjoy the pool and spa, and the beautiful scenery of the Flinders Ranges. My guesthouse accommodates 4 people. Bring a friend and split the cost of accommodation. Readings and accommodation for two costs $125 each. Readings and accommodation for three costs $110 each.  

You may wish to purchase a reading for yourself or a gift voucher for a friend. Either way, you can purchase a reading through the below PayPal link. I'll email you to book a time for your reading or to arrange your gift voucher.

Please read the following information if you'd like to know more about clairvoyant, mediumship and tarot card readings.

Readings - Mediumship 

A medium is a spirit communicator. They are often able to connect with a loved one on the other side. It can be reassuring to know that your departed loved ones are still with you and are taking an active interest in your life. You may receive helpful guidance during a mediumship reading, and this advice often comes directly from your guides or loved ones in spirit. Thus, a session with a medium can be comforting and emotional. Before contacting a medium, please note that there is never any guarantee that they will be able to connect with a particular spirit during your reading.

I charge $50 for a 30 minute reading and $80 for a 60 minute reading.


Readings - Clairvoyant 

A clairvoyant is someone with clear vision. A reading with a clairvoyant can be useful if you are feeling confused about a situation and would like some clarity. What a clairvoyant sees is not limited to the past or the present and so this type of reading may also give you a glimpse at your most possible future. Remember that if you change your current approach, you will change your future, so any predictions are based on what is most probable and not set in concrete. A psychic that is clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient can tune into your question and bring clarity to your situation.

I charge $50 for a 30 minute reading and $80 for a 60 minute reading.


 Readings - Tarot Cards

Tarot readers use intuition and knowledge of their chosen deck to provide straight-forward, often practical advice. Tarot reading is an intricate study and can be a lifetime pursuit. The colours and designs of a tarot card are often designed to switch on psychic ability. You will find tarot readers who care little for the traditional card meanings and interpret the cards like a story board. Others can be almost academic in their approach to a reading. Either way, I find a tarot reading can be helpful for understanding connections, patterns and revealing how our past and present choices are creating our future. When it comes to timing and dates a tarot can be quite practical.

I charge $50 for a 30 minute reading and $80 for a 60 minute reading.


Copyright of the above information on readings belongs to Leela Williams. The original article can be found at the International Psychics Association website 


Serenity Spiritual Haven - Come and stay the night

Serenity Spiritual Haven is owned by my husband and I. It's located near Warnertown, between Crystal Brook and Port Pirie, at the base of the majestic Flinders Ranges. Serenity Spiritual Haven is a great place to get away for the weekend, to enjoy the peace and quiet, the wonderful scenery and the beautiful night sky. The property has a guesthouse, which we're renting at $90 a night. The guesthouse sleeps four - one double bed and two single beds (which convert to a double bed). No spiritual haven would be complete without a large swimming pool and separate spa, available at your convenience. To top off your stay, you can add a session with me - a reading or healing - 30 minutes or 60 minutes.   




Robyn Opie Parnell Readings