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"I'm still blown away by how accurate you were. Thank you so very much."  Fiona R

"Fantastic, I loved every minute and it was exactly what I needed right now!"  
Tanya S 

"Amazing! Will come back."  Rhiannon C

"Thank you, Robyn, for the most amazing reading. I have been in the depths of despair and after talking with you, and connecting with my Dad, my Nana, and my husband, I feel so much better, and you described them and their feelings so well. I feel much more confident in the future, and feel I am on the right path now. A wonderful lady who I would highly recommend. Again thank you."  Kris

Professional member of International Psychics Association


"Very insightful. Great guidance. Thanks." Tabitha

"Fantastic reading. Got lots of great clues and confirmation of spirit coming through. Highly recommend having a reading with Robyn."  Neil 

"Very accurate and a lovely person."  Louise W

What Is Smudging?

Smudging is about cleaning the energy around a place, object, or person. Smudging involves burning sage and wafting the smoke in various areas.

You can clean the energy in your home by burning sage and wafting the smoke in every corner of your home.

You can clean the energy of an object by burning sage and holding the object over the smoke.

You can clean your aura by burning sage and wafting the smoke around your body.


How Does Smudging Work?

The smoke from the burning sage attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears out, the negative energy clears out with it. 


What Do You Use?

You can purchase smudge sticks of sage, like the one pictured above.

Or you can go to your kitchen cupboard and find your spice rack, which will hopefully have a container of sage. Pour the sage into an ashtray and burn the sage.


How Do You Smudge Your Home?

If you live in a house with multiple levels, you want to start at the lowest level. Walk around your house, wafting the smoke from the burning sage into every possible corner, even behind the doors.

You can say a simple affirmation, such as "I want to get rid of negative energy. I want to fill this place with positive energy."

Make sure you have a window or a door open, so that the negative energy has a way to leave your home.

Do You Want Help?

You can smudge your home yourself, as described above. However, if you need help with unwanted spirit energy or negative energy, I can help you.

Please email me on

Happy smudging!